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Originally Posted by Harleymarlboroman View Post
Just wondering. Not being disrespectful. But would like to share my feelings on this subject.

First of all, Is there any way the members here can have a vote or choice on this? j/k

Actually, this is my number one hated thing about using a computer.
In the last few years, due to the rules, especially the DIFFERENT rules from site to site, program to program, etc., I have just what is stated here; lots of DIFFERENT passwords to remember. I CAN'T do it. I can write them down, but that is a risk in itself. Almost every time I log in to anything, I have to refer to a text file where I store all my passwords. Time consuming to say the least; and risky, since now someone can hack my computer and get that file. (Hackers, look for a file on my desktop named " everything you need to steal my identity and ruin my life.txt ")

Some of the rules for passwords get really crazy.
At work, for example:
Passwords must be changed every month. Must have a capital letter, small letter, number, and symbol. Passwords can not be reused. Can not resemble the login name, or any other information on the account.

I understand that security is important for clients, but when the IT department has to hire more people just to handle all of the extra calls from clients that can't log in to their account, this has become a problem. A client should have the option to use a password of their choice.

Really, what harm can someone do by hacking my forum account; stop me from being able to log in? That will probably happen anyway every time that I forget my password.

And the not so funny thing is, even with all these security rules, one of my accounts still got hacked.

Again, I apologize, but back in the early 90s someone talked me into getting a computer so that I could do things easier, use less paper, and be more efficient. None of that has happened, IMHO.
I personally use a different password for 'low security' areas like forums. I would prefer NOT to be forced to change my password, as I am not worried about someone pretending to know as much as I do about riding with border collies on a K1600... I am also not worried about them nefariously getting my password and using it elsewhere, as like I stated, it is for low-security areas like forums.

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