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Originally Posted by djfalkenstein View Post
I am going out on a limb here by guessing you guys came off of Harleys.

I thought about the Remus briefly. In my mind, I put myself on a long trip with the din of a performance engine in my head for maybe 14 hours.

I kinda like the stealthy stylings of my Grand. I will not stay behind straights or tuned pipes; these folks will hear my exhaust first.

All that said, I get it; the throaty sound of a real engine is alluring. It will also be a thing of the past in 50 years or so, giving way to motors.
Ive owned about 30 bikes over the years, 1 of them was a Harley. Just 1.
Ill be pushing daisies long before 50 years from now. lol
I don't like it real loud, but some exhaust sound would be nice. Not gonna spend 2k for it.
Don't want it THAT bad.

2018 B
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