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Originally Posted by B407driver# View Post
The new 1833cc engine does indeed have 4 valves per cylinder, but the horsepower output is still (IMHO) lacking. I sold my 2010 Goldwing and now a GA resides in it's place. Honda dropped the ball on two fronts: horsepower and luggage capacity. I think Honda could have gotten more HP out of the current engine, but chose not to for longevity. I was willing to live with "only" 100HP, but the lack of storage was a deal killer for me. Harley still has the best luggage: top opening saddlebags and a trunk you can open with a helmet on the seat.
My bad. I was reading specs off the previous 1832cc.

Honda knows putting the GL on a Slimfast diet is gonna piss off a bunch of diehard fans, but they are desperately trying to appeal to a younger crowd. IMO, trying to make the bike appeal to too wide an audience will end up making nobody completely happy, just like what happened with the VFR1200F. What they should've done is update the GL for the loyal fan base, and come out with a ST1300 replacement. I prefer a V4, but realistic any number of engine configs would work, as long as it is a 650-700 lbs sport tourer with some genuine sporting intent.

Instead of being unapologetically big and powerful, the new Wing is too much for some and not enough for others.

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