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Originally Posted by RL Lemke View Post
Shell makes this oil from natural gas in Saudi Arabia. It is a Group III+ oil.

Group III

Originating in 1993, the best grade of petroleum base oil, since they are fully produced by Hydrocracking, Hydroisomerization, and Hydrotreating[5], which make these oils purer.

API defines group III as "base stocks contain greater than or equal to 90 percent saturates and less than or equal to 0.03 percent sulfur and have a viscosity index greater than or equal to 120".

This group may be described as Synthetic Technology oils or Hydro-Cracked Synthetic oil. However, some oil companies may call their products under this group as synthetic oil.[6]

Group IV

Originating in 1974, consists of synthetic oils made of Poly-alpha-olefins (PAO). Group IV base oils have a viscosity index range of 125 - 200.

Poly-alpha-olefins (PAO) oils are much more stable in extreme temperatures, which make much more suitable for use in very cold weather (as found in northern Europe) as well as very hot weather (as in Middle East).

Group III+

Originating in 2015, produced by a gas to liquids (GTL) process. Group III+ base oils have a Very High Viscosity Index (VHVI) at the higher end of the API Group III range. The viscosity index is 130-140 minimum.
Considering that the Spectro Platinum 4 oil is a group 4 lubricant, would that not be superior to our BMW Motorrad oil? Sounds like the Spectro group 4 really is considerably different, better in hot climates like Northern California where we see a lotta 100+ temps.

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