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Why the BMW K1600 is safer. Duolever Suspension

BMW Motorrad International

1) Rigid - The robust front suspension components don't flex when we hit potholes, road imperfections or small animals.

2) Separation - From F1 race cars to Hondas, the double A-frame design is best at separating the functions of the tire; braking, steering and suspension movement.

3) Adjustment - By using a single shock, it is easy to offer adjustment. Think ESA II or the upcoming Semi-Dynamic adjustment.

4) Anti-Dive - By design BMW selects the exact amount of dive we feel when braking. Enough to provide a comforting feel for dive, but not such that it affects safety or compromises chassis function.

Just like with anti-lock braking, there may well be some expert racers who can outperform sophisticated design, everyone else benefits from this duolever design. When the poo is hitting the paddles, I'm glad I am on a BMW.

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