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post #351 of 399 Old 05-07-2018, 06:34 PM
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Got home a few hours ago...Justin and I took the twisty route home, and got to experience cold rain, fog and dirt/gravel yesterday. Slabbed it the rest of the way today.

Awesome time going to, during and on the way home from TTD2018. I had a few firsts...first group motorcycle rally, first time camping off the bike (thanks Duane for lending me the tent), and first time riding the great roads of NC (Dragon, Cherohala etc.).

Thank you to the organizers/volunteers. It was a great event, and I got to meet a great group of people.
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post #352 of 399 Old 05-07-2018, 07:13 PM
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@Doc , even though I was giving you grief about organizing the pictures are fantastic and well worth the effort
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post #353 of 399 Old 05-07-2018, 11:08 PM Thread Starter
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2018 BMWs Tame The Tail of the Dragon (TTD)- May 2018

2018 BMW Tame the Tail of the Dragon

NO WREAKS!- NO TICKETS!!- NO RAIN (while riding)- A FEW BIKE DROPS (nothing serious)

We started the 2018 BMW Tame the Tail of the Dragon with TIPS Rides Tuesday Afternoon and all day Wensday. Went well with All Participants saying it was well worth their time.

Wensday KJ (AKA: Top Speed1) sold TTD Shirts & put up the NEW “BMW Tame the Tail of the Dragon” BANNERS.
They Looked Fantastic!!!

(Hope KJ got back what he put into for getting our high quality/ excellently grafted / form fitting TTD Shirts.)

The Keg was cracked open Wensday afternoon & was gone by Friday night.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday we had Group rides of Spirited, Regular and Couples 1 & 2 lead by Kevin (AKA: qbird66), Doc (AKA: GaryCulb), Dwane & KJ (AKA: Gunnert & Top Speed1).

Scenic or the NEW RELAXED GROUP had Group Rides on Friday & Saturday lead by Jimmy our photographer. Everything went pretty well after the 1st day.

(I would ask each RoadCaptain to POST a RIDE REPORT except the Relaxed group. They are just to flexible and probably would not get it done until it was fall??)

Yes, we had one flat tire rider that waved everyone past, a couple folks go off the road but, NO MAJOR WREAKS and somebody from NY appears to have gotten the wrong gas which resulted in a freeze up a K1600 engine. A Big Thanks to all RoadCaptains, Middle Mans and TailGunners. Understand they made the 2018 BMW TTD a pleasure to ride the area without worrying about getting lost.

Friday night we had the largest 50/ 50 in our short 3 year history.
The >$500 went to Tom (AKA: Travman).
The rest went to the IHML Staff.
Tom had won the Grand Prize/ Jacket in 2016.

So, we have some NEW RULES for the 50/50 & Grand Prize:
I you win the Grand Prize you are not eligible to win for 5 years.
I you win the 50/50 you are not eligible to win for 5 years.
& If You Win BOTH the 50/50 & the Grand Prize, you are not eligible to win either for LIFE!!!!!!


Sponsors were given their Sponsor Gifts.

The Owners of the IHML, Charlene & John Powell received BMW All Around Touring boots.

The BMW Motorrad Dealership, Touring Sport of Greenville, SC got a plaque.
(The plaque was an exact copy of the one the Dealer receive from the “Mothership” when they open a BMW Motorcycle Dealership.)

That night KJ (AKA: Top Speed1) put on LASER LIGHT SHOW with SMOKE!!

Saturday was the night for Awards for the participants that had come from
the FARTHEST DISTANCE to attend the 2018 TTD.

The WINNER OF THE USA was Darby (AKA: Darbinco) from Whitewater, Colorado: 1,706 miles.

The WINNER OF OTHER COUNTRIES was David from Kemptville, Ontario, Canada: 1,062 miles.

of the 2018 Gray XL KLIM Badlands Pro
Gary (AKA: nwmkt)

Hope Everyone had a great time.

If you had a room at the IHML make sure to let the IHML know if you are coming back in 2019.
You have the “Right of 1st Refusal” for the first 30 days after the event.

See You in the Mountains.



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post #354 of 399 Old 05-07-2018, 11:25 PM
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Wow, looks like such a great time. I so wish I could have been there. Maybe next year?????
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post #355 of 399 Old 05-07-2018, 11:37 PM
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Thanks everyone for this awesome and great event.
Thanks also to Doc, Phil, Kevin, John, Thomas and others (I don't know their names anymore, getting old'er) for their assistance when I was in need.
For the curious, I made it home save with the oil dripping but although checking every stop the oil level never dropped below the max line.
Update in the future of the fate of my "Hildegard".

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post #356 of 399 Old 05-08-2018, 12:13 AM
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Hi gang.

Debbie and arrived home last night after 14.5 hrs of straight drive time. Nothing too notable, except I guess I should mention I did get a performance award just North of Corning NY (on Rte 414 almost to Watkins Glen). It was dark of course and I wasn't really horsing it, got tagged doing 72 in a 55. He ran my info, came back to my truck with my ticket and gave me the speech that a CDL driver should know better and not use the downhill excuse. Oh well, I was pretty nice to him, just completely worn out from all the weekend festivities.

Speaking of festivities. I agree with Gary (nwmrkt)... this event is about so many things, riding being number 1, but I'll tell ya's also, the people at this event don't come far behind, and, that is saying a LOT considering those dar' Smokie roads are the premier roads for M/C's in America.

My Canadian friends had an all out blast too. So much so.... they are booking for next year as well. When you experience this venue, the people and festive activities.... and routes!.... and so then selling this to someone is really child's play. We parted ways Sunday AM around 6am., man hugs galore and words from them of how much they enjoyed every moment... hmmm?, I wonder if that included Debbie farting up a storm one night in the enclosed RV. hehe. Okay, maybe it wasn't her

I wanna say our special thanks to Doc and also every volunteer. We had a lot chip in, whether it was big or small, it all added up to a wonderfully organized and super freeqie-fun event. TTD is now on our calendar for every year, and just to beat Gary to the punch!!!!?... We have reserved up through to 2024.

I left one of our custom TTD full color banners to be hung permanently inside he Lodge. John (the IHML Owner) said he would give us a premo loca, and even take down or move other "inferior" banners to make room for what he said deserves to be a "headliner". He is a BMW rider btw, and an all around super nice guy. Huge shout out to the IHML and their staff, thanks for having us. Myself and Debbie really feel like we are family when talking to him and his lovely wife. This venue (for us) is BY FAR!... the best loca we frequent, and along with this; come the best people too!

Mucho thanks (hey, it was Cinco weekend!) to those of you who gave me the way too many compliments for the shirts and credentials. I'm glad you enjoyed the names to faces that much more, and I will volunteer again if so needed.

To close my lengthy yappings, I will do a Ride Report as Doc mentioned, but it will be video styleee. I've got my arms being pulled in every direction right now with a few of my business', but as soon as I can compile all my footage, then do a lengthy edit..... you'll see it on our "Where Two Next?" YouTube channel (betta subscribe, eh!)

Oh, yeah, an Italian PS thang here (ya hear!)... Debbie wants me to tell everyone that she can't wait to see everyone again for MOA Des Moines!!!!!! (wow, all that and just for vanilla shake?)

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post #357 of 399 Old 05-08-2018, 12:15 AM
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Spirited Group Ride Report:

Thursday we rode some twisty roads, primarily in north GA, ate lunch at Chik-fil-A in Cleveland GA, and made it back to the lodge between 4:30 and 5:30 (one rider broke off in Mineral Springs GA). We had a mishap toward the end of the day on the Cherohala Skyway - the rider saw a Loose Gravel sign (that has remained in place several years after repaving was complete), believed it, grabbed a handful of brake, and realized that no gravel existed as he exited the roadway, skimmed a rock face, and dropped the bike in a ditch at nearly zero MPH. Casualties included a boot (superglued the upper back to the sole), a fog light, and maybe an engine (some oil seepage, nothing to prevent 2 more days of mountain riding before a several hundred mile trek home). This positive outcome largely occurred because the rider remained calm and did everything possible to minimize the impact (had he target fixated on the rock face, this may have had a very different ending).

Friday we rode some more twisty roads, primarily in western NC, ate lunch at Stack House in Mars Hill NC, and made it back to the lodge between 4:00 and 6:15. We started with 15 bikes, so we split into 2 groups. Thanks @OhioWinger (Don and Amy on the Multistrada) for leading the other group. One rider broke off after lunch (thus the 4:00 return time); the other group had a flat tire and cut out the end of the route, arriving around 5:00; my group cut out part of the middle of the route (lunch was great, but took too long), rode some gravel so the GS would feel welcome, gained first hand experience of symptoms exhibited when a K1600 is filled with gasoline contaminated by water (now I wonder just how long that car had been sitting in front of that pump), which split our group again (the NY contingent cut out the end of the route while the rest of us completed it), and both sub-groups arrived around 6:15. From one point of view, this ride represented the greatest attrition I've ever experienced - I left with 15 bikes and returned with 4!

Saturday we rode yet more twisty roads, primarily in western NC and north GA, ate lunch at Universal Joint in Clayton GA (wasn't worth the wait), and made it back to the lodge about 5:00. Our only drama that day was @rush21122 breaking away from the group to eat lunch elsewhere - it was OK because as the tailgunner he told himself this was occurring, and he returned in time to leave Clayton with the group.

This ride report should probably include pictures, but someone else will need to supply them (edit: Stephanie had a couple pics). I checked my phone when I got home, and as I suspected I took a grand total of zero pictures on the trip. My GoPro died on Thursday, so I have 15 seconds of video of the IHML parking lot.

Thanks to Rich for being the tailgunner on the rides - who volunteers to be the photographer next year?

'13 K1600GTL
'16 S1000XR

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2018 BMWs Tame The Tail of the Dragon (TTD)- May 2018

2018 BMW TTD Regular Ride Report


Thursday the 3rd of May eleven bikes took off to Deals Gap & road the Tail of the Dragon several times. Many hit the shops. Eventually, we headed over to Tellico Plains and ate lunch at the Tellico Grains Bakery ( Tellico Grains Bakery | Stories, Recipes, and Adventures from a Village Bakery ). Great place for lunch. Highly Recommend!

Then we headed across the Cherochola Skyway & back to the IHML for the 4:30 PM Meet & Greet. Total of 145 Miles.

Friday the 4th of May ten Bikes went over to Transylvania County to Cold Mountain. Down NC 28, across Walnut to Norton St, up NC 107, over NC 281 to NC 64 and into Brevard, NC where we ate at Hawg Wild Barbaque ( https://www.hawgwild-bbq.com ). Price is right & barbecue is great.

Then, we headed up to the BRPW & up/ down NC 215. The group split in two as some wanted to continue to ride. Half the Regular Group headed back along the BRPW to the IHML for the 50/ 50 drawing at 5:30 PM. Total of 220 miles.

Saturday the 5th of May 2018 fifteen bikes left the IHML after a TTD Group Photo(s) and head down Wayah Rd, over under Franklin to NC 23 and ate lunch at Ishy’s Grill ( https://www.facebook.com/Ishysgrill/ ). Great Mexican Food stop if you are in Clayton, NC.

After Lunch we went across WarWoman Rd to NC28 (my favorite road) and went back to the IHML. Total of 165 miles.

Big thanks to Matt (AKA: mkrok) for serving as TailGunner for all the Regular Group Rides.



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post #359 of 399 Old 05-08-2018, 10:46 AM
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Like someone posted before in this thread. The riding is great in that area but the people who attend this event are what makes it over the top fun. I can't wait till next year and see everyone again.


Rich K
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post #360 of 399 Old 05-08-2018, 08:04 PM
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Amy and I had a great time! Turns out you Beemer guys are not that snobish after all.
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