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Showcase cover image for edge9421's 2012 BMW K1600 GTL

General Information

K1600 GTL
Bought used in September 2013 with 10,500 miles on it. Spectacular bike to ride!
Warranty replacement of handlebar switches.
Warranty replacement of water pump.
Warranty replacement of engine (short-block) due to excessive oil consumption (1qt/1200mi).
2012 BMW K1600 GTL (Blue)


PDM60 electronic circuit breaker
3-socket accessory power in trunk
Cup holder mounted to right side of fairing
RAM ball on clamp of right brake handle
RAM ball by Telferizer on steering nut
RAM ball on left bar using Wunderlich MultiPod adapter
RAM X-Mount for my iPhone
Handlebar risers
Grip Buddies handgrip wraps
cbdane's amber running light kit
Shroedie roundel lights
Aeroflow windscreen
Aeroflow wings
Aeroflow mini-wings
IlliumWorks engine guards
IlliumWorks highway pegs

About to add Skene P3 brake light kit with IQ-160 so I can make the topcase brake light double as a running light and to get the brake light strobe effect on the topcase along with the extra lights added beside the license plate for better tail visibility.

Previously had a BMW logo projector installed on bottom of bike (the small ones sold in pairs for bottom of car doors to shine on ground when door is open). It looked great! Unfortunately it was not waterproof and grime got inside the lenses. It was also directly in the path of water/grime coming off the front tire, which didn't help. I may attempt this again in the future with the other one from the pair if I find a way to waterproof it and a better location to mount it.



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