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K 1600GT
Sold '04 1150RT and bought this 2014 GT with 5000 miles. It included every option available in 2014 and I've added a PDM60 to power the GPS and future accessories, a SupaBrake-3 brake light modulator, an RKA tank bag, and an accessory shelf with the Zumo 595 I took off the RT.
2014 BMW K 1600GT (Orange)


The passenger accommodations on the K1600GT are not as comfortable as they were on the '04 R 1150RT. The passenger seat is unnecessarily shortened to provide a lot of room for the rider, the top case backrest digs into the passenger's back, and the passenger foot pegs cause the passenger's feet to interfere with the rider because the cases require the passenger's legs to be more forward than the RT. What a 'miss' by BMW. I'm in the process of trying to swap the luggage grid for one from a GTL to let the passenger slide back a little, I'll likely install a lower back support of some kind, and probably replace the domed passenger seat with a bucket seat - likely custom.
Disconnected the speakers and ran the system audio to the Line In connection on my Zumo 595. The Zumo controls all my audio; GPS navigation commands, Podcasts and music on my iPhone, phone calls, and the radio audio. I connect to the Zumo with a Sena 20S bluetooth headset. I can control the radio station selection and volume with the GT's selection wheel, and then swtich to iPhone entertainment options through the Zumo touch screen.
Wheel and Tire
Mounted the new Metzeler Roadtec 01 after riding the Michelin PR4GT on my RT. I didn't like the Metzeler Roadtec Z4/Z6/Z8 as well as the PR4 on the RT as they seemed to wear quickly and lose air. Michelin USA doesn't list the PR4 as 'approved' for the K1600 but the Michelin Euro website does list the PR4 for the K1600. But after reading reviews for the Metzeler Roadtec 01 I mounted a pair, balanced with my Marc Parnes balancer and all is well.


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