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premium-not exclusive though.
My " Wonder Bike "
Purchased in October 2017 as the 2018 model. Had nothing but problems and there is no fix. Initially the service manager (Jeff -said it was operator error) the most arrogant/angry person ever. Fortunately he was fired and no longer at the dealership. I've taken videos and the dealer is stumped. They, along with BMW corp can't figure out the problem. The problems are when started, if able to start that is, it runs and then shuts off. Has a difficult time determining where the neutral is and thus the "N" indicator flashes on/off and then the entire display screen goes black. Other times the bike shuts off and when I press the start switch I hear the starter turn however it does not engage to crank over the engine. The "most disappointing bike ever" !!!! From the first week I noticed all manor of issues. There was a problem with the clutch, exhaust system was making a flapping sound, neutral light indicator blinking, unstable at speeds over 80mph, buffeting at 75-80 and the list goes on and on. One positive aspect is the coments people made about the aesthetics of the bike and how beautiful the lines were. All this is for naught, considering I have over 4K miles and most of them have been put on by the dealership testing and riding the bike while I have the bike in my garage. I use the bike on a daily bases for work related matters. However, every time I push it out of the garage and attempt to start it...I pause and I wonder if the bike will start today ?
2018 BMW K1600GTL (Ebony)


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