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  1. BMW K1600 Lighting / Electrical
    Hello all, has anyone fitted a denali split soundbomb to a k1600 GTL? Mines a 2014 model and i have just spent a very frustrating weekend trying to get the compressor unit fitted under the plastic. At one point I even removed one of the speakers hoping i could use that void. All sorts of...
  2. BMW K1600 Lighting / Electrical
    While waiting on my Denali CANsmart to arrive for my 2022 bagger, I was searching YouTube for some videos on setting up the software. It was my understanding that the CANsmart does not control any of the the OEM lights. Then, I came across this interesting video from Twisted Throttle that says...
  3. BMW K1600 Lighting / Electrical
    Ladies and gents, how does one remove the factory mirror mounts? I removed the only exposed fastener and the mount loosened up a bit but what's the trick to removing it so I can install the Denali mounts? While we're at it, any suggestions re: how to run the wires to the lights? Thanks all.
1-3 of 3 Results