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  1. BMW K1600 Lighting / Electrical
    While waiting on my Denali CANsmart to arrive for my 2022 bagger, I was searching YouTube for some videos on setting up the software. It was my understanding that the CANsmart does not control any of the the OEM lights. Then, I came across this interesting video from Twisted Throttle that says...
  2. BMW K1600 Wanted
    Any Members have Auxiliary Denali lights hanging around they would like to sell. Watcha got ?? Text or call (914) 815-1334 Brian
    $1 USD
  3. BMW K1600 Lighting / Electrical
    Ladies and gents, how does one remove the factory mirror mounts? I removed the only exposed fastener and the mount loosened up a bit but what's the trick to removing it so I can install the Denali mounts? While we're at it, any suggestions re: how to run the wires to the lights? Thanks all.
1-3 of 3 Results