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  1. BMW K1600 Maintenance and Do-It-Yourself
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mount a 1" RAM ball on the inner end of the handlebars (as indicated in the attached graphic)? I've ruined 2 of these ( so far in my attempts to enlarge the through-hole from 8mm to 10mm.
  2. BMW K1600 Tech and Performance Chat
    Hello Group, Fueling the B appears to be a bit of a challange due to the handlebar's proximity to the filler neck and cap direction. I am considering purchasing a set of Illium Works BarBack risers to get the handlebars closer to me, but I'm also thinking that this modification will make an...
  3. BMW K1600 Tech and Performance Chat
    Any suggestions on how to shorten the reach of the handlebars. I bought a 2019 K1600 Grand America with black powder coated handlebars which I like but they are to close. Is there an option to keep the look but loose the length?
1-3 of 3 Results