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  1. BMW K1600 General Discussions
    Picked up a 2020 K1600GT from Kissells Motorsports/Tyrone (PA) BMW two weeks ago with 2100 miles on it. All initial service had been completed, and the bike is meticulous, which you would expect with such a low mileage bike. Anyway, last week I had just got back from a 300 mile ride and parked...
  2. BMW K1600 Maintenance and Do-It-Yourself
    Unlike the majority of starter issues I’ve searched on the forum I haven’t come across a thread with my symptoms.. I have a 2011 with 55k miles. On a ride today and went to start for the ride back and a quick pulse of the starter engaging and then nothing.. won’t start.. I assumed dead or...
1-2 of 2 Results