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  1. Australia
    2 x panniers 1 x top box wanted for 2015 BMW 1600GTL I am happy to pay the postage to Perth Western Australia thank you mobile +61419632164
  2. BMW K1600 Accessories
    For Sale, K16gt BMW top case in 2013 gray. Full lighting and completely protected in 3M armor and scratch free. 1000 or best offer.
  3. BMW K1600 General Discussions
    I am new to the BMW motorcycle community so my apologies if this has been answered before. I could not find a conversation when I searched but I may have missed it... I am looking at buying a 2015 GTL because I love the idea of the keyless ride feature among other things. I was reading about how...
  4. BMW K1600 For Sale - Parts
    Heading says it all. I want to add the top case brake light and wonder whether there are good options other than BMW's own version. Or if that's the best option? Also, is this a relatively simple (no rewiring) DIY job. And yeah, I know, I could have the dealer do it. 2013 GTL is what needs...
  5. BMW K1600 Accessories
    My local BMW dealer in Minneapolis gave me a quote of $3480 for a top case with the GTL back rests. This seems outrageous. Any recommendations on where to buy a top case for 2019 GT with the larger back rests? Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results