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‘22/‘23 TFT and Zumo XT Mount

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Yes, this thread is a repeat of a previous thread I started. The purpose of which is to aid and/or help those interested in using a Zumo XT with the newer K bikes TFT; NOT to debate the merits of the TFT and the BMW Connected App!

Lets try this again:

I exchanged a couple of emails with the company in Italy, Adapter 3D Motorrad Shop ⎜Vendita Accessori per Moto - Made in Italy, they make the Zumo XT mount for the '11-'21 K1600. The email I got from them today said a mount for the '22/'23 K bike, which will go above the TFT, should be ready in a few weeks

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Let me see if I read this correctly: the company comes out with a new mount for the '22/'23 bikes and this forces Duane to buy a new bike?
Not a “force”. It’s the final piece of the puzzle that makes the 2i23 GT worth the switch. 😊
If I decide to pollute my elegant K bike cockpit with the Zumo sitting on my desk it will go on the bars for now. I did order the Wunderlich pigtail for power though. That is a nice solution.
I going to wait for spring though and see how I’m doing with a dedicated iPhone first.
If you don’t see yourself getting into longer distance performance touring, a Zumo XT is probably overkill. You can always mount a phone if you need navigation beyond what the CA/TFT provides.
The Zumo is overkill for me, no question. So is the K bike. What's your point? ;)

I don't like mounted phones any more than mounted GPS. So much clutter. Yuck. Aesthetics. Subjective. I'm probably in the minority. But I like it here.
Don’t take things to extremes. We all have different riding profiles. There are many (some who are here on the forum) that are much more extreme with their riding than myself. Their dashboard areas look like a commercial jet console with the multiple GPS’s, phone mounts, etc. So my point is to set your bike up to match your actual riding needs. If that means keeping your TFT unpolluted with GPS add-ons, including phones, so be it.
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