My daughter graduated in 2020 and her graduation trip got postponed due to the pandemic. We pivoted and decided to fly to CA and buy a motorcycle to ride back. I had hopes of talking my wife into keeping it but needless to say, I was unsuccessful. I purchased this bike from the second owner on April 13th and spent 12 days riding 3951 miles down the west coast (PCH) and back the long way to NC. This is a very capable and great handling bike tried and truly ready for your next adventure. It currently has 31,752 miles and was serviced at BMW of San Jose, CA days before I picked it up including a recall on the fuel pump.

It has;
  • Pilot Power Road 4's
  • Akrapovic duel exhaust (which is nice and quiet until you get on it and has a nice passive grumble)
  • Russell Day Long or RDL seat with driver backrest and heated driver and passenger (separate controls)
  • Heated grips
  • Illium Works highway pegs
  • Duel helmet locks (previous owner added them and they come in handy)
  • 2 full sets of keys with 2 key FOBS (remote lock and unlock all three bags!
  • BMW bag liners for both side bags
  • BMW tank bag that is expandable
  • Steering stem RAM ball mount for mounting your phone
  • Cruise control (it's electronic and OEM so you can steer with the throttle hand as it's not moving it when cruise control is on)
  • Three ride modes (Standard, Sport and Comfort) for on the fly suspension changes as well as setting for 1 rider with and without luggage and 2 riders with and without luggage.
  • Has 3 traction control modes Dynamic, Rain and Road (changes traction control involvement) You can also turn off Traction control if you so desire.
  • Has upgraded air horn that gets peoples attention
Previous owner towed a small trailer with their dog in it (picture attached)
Garmin GPS built in which can be controlled via touch screen or with the driver hand controls on the handlebars (magic wheel). It automatically updates the clock with time changes.

I'm sure I'm missing something but if you are looking for a comfortable capable and fast sport touring bike this is ready to go anywhere. Truth is I'm planning on doing another trip like with with my wife, so after this is sold as soon as we have a time frame I'll be shopping another one on the west coast to fly and ride back and perhaps after that I'll be able to keep it till we do another :). Hard to get the time to do a cross country trip any other way for us.
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