I'm not sure if this is a unicorn, but it may be. I am the second owner. The first owner was a wealthy man, I think, and upgraded this machine quite a lot. It has the beautiful Montego blue paint, but he painted the mirrors and the luggage that same color so the bike just looks BLUE. He added the 28L somewhat rounded top case, also custom painted in the blue. In addition, he
1. updated the turn signals to be running lights and turn signals
2. replaced the horn with the Steel air horn
3. added the Aeroflow headlight protector
4. added the gearshift extension by Ilium
5. changed the side roundels to those illuminated ones
6. changed the seat to a Corbin Smuggler, painted in that blue

I've done quite little to the machine, given its low mileage and good condition
7. kickstand enlarger foot
8. official BMW GT tank bag
9. V Stream tall windscreen
10. grip covers (the originals are somewhat worn, and my large hands need big grips anyway)
11. short radio antenna
12. official BMW engine guard bars
13. added BMW side case luggage inserts

I've had the bike maintained by Morton's BMW in Fredericksburg. The fuel pump recall was completed. Various fluids have been replaced...brake, gear, engine, clutch...

It has Michelin tires.

There are some paint blemishes here and there. On the 28L top case, there is a mar. On the Smuggler lift panel, there is a rub where it touched the 28L case. All in all, though, it is an exceptional machine.

With, less than 10K miles. Yep, a garage king.

Images of the bike are all over my computer. So, I'll be putting together a Flickr album to show it off.

Terms of sale are common, I suppose. Real money. No test rides. I can in theory deliver this on a trailer to some nearby environs, behind The Big White Truck. All that would be at buyer's expense.

Let me know. I love it. I never thought I'd sell it. But, I do this horse trading from time to time. I'd like to get into something lighter, easier to park, easier to maneuver, more of an adventure machine.