It's time to return to a simpler machine, friends...

Here's your chance to ride the blue rocket I have enjoyed for about 5K miles. Only 10,250 miles on the machine.

Many custom features, including body color paint on side cases, mirrors, 28L top case. The 28L top case has some paint imperfections. Also has lighted roundels, running light + turn signal electronics, BMW engine guards, peg lowering fitments, and an Ilium sidestand foot. Of some interest is the solo seat, a Corbin Smuggler, with body color paint on the tiny trunk. There are also side case insert bags by BMW and a GT-specific BMW tank bag. A year old V-Stream windshield improves the flow of air. The fairing air directors are chrome. The windshield fitting panels are chrome. Also have special side case reflective panels, never installed, in a blue color. And a tiny short radio aerial. Battery is of unknown age, but has been on a professional tender for lo these many years and shows no signs of concern. Tires are late 2018 vintage Michelin Pilot GT, and the machine tracks straight and true hands off at 75 mph.

I'm sure I will think of other features in time, but it's a nice machine.

With the national rally here in the Richmond VA area, if you are coming, it is your chance to look over the machine in person. I can send literally five thousand images of the machine, I've loved it so much, but no need to post them all here.

It's just time. I need to really think about how I want to enjoy motorcycling in my last few decades here on earth. There is no question this is the best motorcycle I could ever own. I just need to make a change, for my own benefit.