NEW LOWER PRICE: Well sorted 2015 BMW K1600GTL with 55K miles, includes restored top of the line Bushtec Genesis trailer, polished wheels on the Bike and Trailer with about $11,000 in farkels counting the trailer. See the Pictures and Farkels List. You will not find a finer Touring Bike anywhere, asking $14,750, or best reasonable offer (OBRO).

FARKELS on Bike when Bought
Top Box Bag liner $180.00 included
Right Saddle Bag Liner $180.00 included
Left Saddle Bag Liner $180.00 included
BMW Rear Stop Light on Top Box $200.00 Installed
Motorrad Garmin GPS V w/ new $800.00 installed
Total for Farkels on Bike when bought $1,540.00

Trailer Hitch & Wiring (for 1-78" Ball)
Bushtec Trailer Hitch $489.00 installed
5 wire Trailer Wiring Isolation Relays $89.00 installed
Shipping for Trailer Hitch $38.68 paid
1-7/8" Trailer Ball $7.00 installed
5 wire trailer electric receptacle $8.00 installed
Total for Trailer Hitch $631.68

Includes Spare wheel &Tire and
Analog Air Shock Hand Pump
Bushtec Digital Air Shock Hand Pump $84.99
Bushtec Tires (2) Almost New) $138.00
Bushtec Tubes (2) $18.00
Bushtec Wheel Bearings (6) $75.00
Bushtec Hitch Pin (1`) $49.00
Bushtec Tongue Lock w/2 keys $109.99
BushtecTongue Lock Dust Cover $6.99
Bushtec Shipping $37.27
LED License Plate $34.94
LED Light upgrades for Running / Brake $30.00
and Turn Signals On Bushtec Trailer
Flat Black Paint $6.00
Rust Inhibator $9.00
Electrical Parts $12.00
New Air Shocks (Old ones included) $150.00
Trailer Rental f/ Pickup $16.00
Gas Costs to Pickup $110.00
DMV registration $105.00
TOTAL Bushtec Trailer COST $2,992.18

Tools specific to the K1600
BMW K1600 RSD Service & Repair $55.00 included
Manual on DVD
BMW K1600 Audio Manual on USB included
BMW K1600 Pairing for Bluetooth USB included
BMW K1600 Riders Manual on USB included
BMW K1600 Serv & Rep Man USB included
GARMIN Nav V GPS Manual on USB included
GARMIN Nav V Quick Start Manual included
MotoChello MC200 Users Guide USB included
MotoChello MC200 Quick Start Guide included
Mark Parnes Aluminum Wheel included
Balanceing Adapter. 1/2" Hole $40.00 included
K1600 Super Oil Drain Plug $34.00 installed
GS- 911 Diagnostic Tool negotiable
plus tax Tax & Shipping paid
Total for Tools $129.00

Shorty Radio Antenna Front $9.50 installed
Battery Charger Pigtails (2) $16.39 installed
BMW Battery Charger $99.00 Included
JPR Shorty Leveres , (Stock BMW $149.49 included
levers also included)
SS 6 Rear Fender Emblem $46.61 installed
Arizona Jim Ball Mount with $26.03 installed
1" RAM Ball for MotoChello
TackForm Phone Mount $30.00 installed
RAM Diamond Plate B Socket $6.99 installed
RAM Short Arm B Socket $7.99 installed
RAM B-367U Ball & 3 Bolts $11.02 installed
RAM Short ARM B Socket $7.99 installed
RAM Shipping for 3 items $5.99 installed
Red Reflectors f/Bike & Trailer $7.79 installed
Techspec Tank Pads (snakeskin) $99.95 installed
Techspec Bag Pads (snakeskin) $81.96 installed
Techspec Universal Sheets $54.95 installed
Front Fender Extender $91.99 installed
Sargeant Side Covers $179.10 installed
Spare Keyless Ride Key-Fob $148.61 Included
Grab-On Foam Slip-On Grips $17.10 installed
24" high Cee Baily wide body $394.60 installed
light tinted windshield with vent.
ILLIUM front Crash Bars $375.00 installed
ILLIUM front Swival Cruiser Pegs $259.00 installed
ILLIUM RearTip over Bars $375,00 installed
ILLIUM Sidestand Foot Enlarger $37.99 installed
DMAC Short Throw Shifter Kit $157.00 installed
STEBEL Air Horn Upgrage $80.00 installed
Oil Cooler Bug Screen $3.00 installed
Bill Mayer Custom Seat $729.93 installed
E-Z Touring full Cover (Black) (On-Road) $95.00 included
BMW Heavy Duty Biker Cover
(For Home Use) (White) $150.00 included
Total for other FARKELS $3,220.47

CLEARWATER & SKENE Lighting Products
Clearwater Darla Kit, comes $599.00 installed
with mounts & can opener
2 hole Darla Fender Mounts $43.00 installed
Clearwater Billie License Plate $149.00 installed
Clearwater Billie 2 $96.79 installed
Clearwater Betsy Amber front $103.70 installed
Turn-Signal Modules Kit
Clearwater Sales Tax $56.10 paid
Clearwater Shipping $17.99 paid
SCHROEDIE Lighted Roundels $140.99 installed
(Single Color-YELLOW) Flashes w/T/S
SKENE module to turn brake light
on tour box into combo brake light
& Running Light (Can Flash akso)
SCHROEDIE Lighted Roundels $140.99 installed
(Single Color-YELLOW)
Total for Clearwater & Skene Products $1,347.56

MotoChello Sound System Components
MC-200 MotoChello System $549.00 installed
Motochello Speaker Bridge $99.00 installed
16GB stubby USB in Right Cubby for $15.00 installed
MP3 Tunes played thru Bike stereo and
MC200 using wonder wheel.(has 800
songs on it, various genres).
16GB stubby USB in Right Cubby for $15.00 installed
MP3 Tunes played thru Bike stereo and
MC200 using wonder wheel.(has 800
songs on it, various genres).
2 Helmets with Motochello Speakers,
Microphones and drop cord connectors included
Total for MotoChello Sound System $648.00
I have a spare complete near new
Motochello System that I would let go
for a good price if you want it.

Misc Spare Parts
New Rear Tire 190/55/17 $280.00 included
3 new oil filters $35.00 included
3 qts of Advantec Synthetic Oil $45.00 included

Total $11,058.39