I bought this beauty thru this forum from a great fellow out in Seattle. Rode it home from Seattle two years ago. This is the one you want!!! Why?? Because if you have been doing your homework or you are already a BMW guru you know that the 2015 model had all of the bugs worked out before BMW introduced new bugs into the 2016 model. This one has the Getrag transmission and it works flawlessly.

The bike has 32,512 miles on it. By the time you get here I will have changed the oil. I have the service records from the previous owner. Everything works except the rear TPMS sensor is intermittent and probably needs replacing.

It has Illium drop/crash bars front and rear with foot pegs on the front bar which makes for a great long cruise position. It has the Nav system and all of the other bells and whistles. It comes with the tank bag shown and luggage in the side hard cases. I installed a BMW LED stop light on the top case. The tires are Michelin with well over 3/4 tread on them.

Once I got this home the wife didn't want to ride on the Harley anymore!! We took it to Sturgis in 2021 just to tick everyone off. I severely injured my shoulder in late 2021 and had surgery last year and so its time to hang up riding big bikes. Happy to answer any questions or send more pics if you have something specific you want to see.

I can meet you at the Rapid City South Dakota airport or I would consider delivering if you insisted (;)). Between the cruise control and the adjustable suspension an all day ride is just all day fun.