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2018 GA - oil leak / drip

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For those of you following at home, in the last post there was heavy smoke in the exhaust:

I rode the newly repair bike ~100 miles mildly the day I picked it up. Parked it. That was on a Thursday.

Come out Saturday to ride it, and see this:

ok I think to myself, maybe there was some oil splashed or otherwise not cleaned from the repair. I degrease and clean the area and go on a ride Saturday.

~250 miles; nothing too wild

Bike didnt seem to perform poorly, and I didnt see any smoke or thick exhaust. Park the bike.

Today (Monday)

New Spot

same spot.

Welp time for another appointment. Any bets if I make a July 10 departure?
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welp for those readers who had "more oil in the airbox and leaking to the ground" you are correct. case with BMW getting opened late today with more updates for Friday.
bike data sent to BMW late yesterday for review. Most likely no update until Friday 6/2.

@tuo cal - not an overfilled crankcase
@Synt - unless the gearbox can place oil in the airbox that is not going to be the issue on this bike.
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