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Are you attending the 2023 BMW's Tame the Tail of the Dragon(TTD)

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IS ON!!!

Dates: Wednesday the 3rd till Sunday the 7th of May 2023;
All Experienced Mountain Riders are Welcome!

Yes, organizers arrive on Monday & Tuesday. Yes, we know it is over Cinco De Mayo.

BMW Motorrad Sponsor: D2 PowerSports of Greer, SC (D2 Powersports Greer | Greer SC | Near Greenville, Anderson & Columbia )

D2 PowerSports of Greer, SC has Announced the GRAND PRIZES for the 2023 TTD

Rider Grand Prize: KLIM HARDANGER SUIT, XL, Hi-Viz

Yes, if you win you can get a different size & color by sending the suit directly back to KLIM.

Pillion Grand Prize: BMW CruiseComfort Boots (Women’s Size 40): CruiseComfort Boots )

Yes, you can trade in these boots on a different size if they do not fit…

Events: Group Rides, 50/50, Grand Prize Drawing, etc.

Yes, this year the TIPS Rides with Doc will be back all day Wednesday, 3 May 2023.

Location: The Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge (IHML), Robbinsville, NC (828-479-3864), )

These are the available facility’s to stay at the IHML:
2 covered wagons, both with 2 twin beds (JJT & BTKT)
1 semi private room (#102)
2 deluxe private rooms in Big Bear cabin; 1 has a king bed (901), the other has 2 twin beds (903)
Bunkhouse beds (7)
RV sites no sewer (3)
Electrical Tent Sites (10)
Primitive Camping Sites

Our Facebook Page (Log into Facebook )

More to come…See you in the Mountains,


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Plan on attending it again

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I plan to be there too.

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2023 BMW’s Tame the Tail of the Dragon (TTD)

The Iron Horse motorcycle Lodge (IHML) will be closing for the 2022 Season after the 30th of October 2023.
They can still be reached at [email protected] or an answering machine: (828) 479-3864. Please do not expect an immediate response.

Open Accommodations at the IHML as of 10/29/2022 Include:

  • Big Bear, Rm 901-King Bed
  • Big Bear, Rm 906-Twin Beds
  • Bunkhouse 1-5 open beds
  • Bunkhouse 2-4 open beds
  • RV 2 & 3- No Sewer
  • Electrical tent sites 110-A to D
  • Electrical trailer sites 110-E to G
  • Electrical tent/trailer sites 110-H to J
  • Primitive Camping Sites

The 2023 TTD will start a day earlier, Wednesday, 3 May 2023.
There will be “TIPS RIDES” on this day (AM & PM-based upon demand) as well as Group Rides.
Please contact Doc at [email protected] if want to participate in one of these Tips Rides sessions.:unsure:

:ROFLMAO:The 2023 TTD will be over Cinco de Mayo. Plan for Latin American Festivities/Food on Friday.:ROFLMAO:

I have been in contact with BMW U.S. Rider Academy (BMW U.S. Rider Academy ).
They are planning to attend the 2023 TTD Thursday-Sunday.🙏o_O
Yes, they are planing to participate in the TTD Group Rides.



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2023 MI/KM:
For those who have not ever attended a TTD event......consider it. We all have a great time riding and hanging with old friends and make new friends. I have been to every TTD event but one. The one I did not attend was because the border was closed.

Because I have enjoyed TTD so much and have seen the work the organizers have done to make it a fun place I want to give something back.

I am donating my BMW Garmin Nav IV and its mount that will be won through an event 50/50 draw. I will be bringing it to TTD with me. I will be making @Ron Coleman carry it on his bike :)

The Nav IV has life time maps. The mount was given to me by @Arizona Jim several years ago. I would suggest the winner buys Jim's handle bar ram style mount like I did to mount it. The package will come with a BMW wiring pigtail to hook it to a 12v power source. The power source should (needs) to be on a power on switched source. I use a Rowe PDM60.

Lastly, I would like to encourage my fellow forum members to match or better my contribution to the event and donate items for other 50/50 draws. Let's make TTD 2023 the best TTD yet! TTD is what WE make it to be.

Gadget Audio equipment Cable Electrical wiring Cameras & optics

Gas Cable Wood Wire Electrical supply

Steering part Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle Gear shift
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