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Hi Gang,

This is a special offer for something you NEED but do not know you need yet. ?

Kathy and I use these items every day and it makes my day much more organized to do any of my daily chores
If you look on our products page and accessories pages you will see these items
All four of them together retail for $76.95
This offer is all four for $60.00.
You can get them in any color we offer, all the same or different colors.
At this time I have not added a special “Buy Me” button for this so you need to call the shop on this deal.
707 836 7659
TRUST ME you need these items.

The “ID”, The “WIPP” (Wallet/ID/Phone/Pack), A “Map Organizer”, and a large “Compartment Bag”



From riding my Bicycle to fueling my motorcycle, having lunch, carrying your phone, credit cards, paying for anything, all important documents,
license, insurance, medical, this is the perfect set of tools to have with you.


The WIPP and Compartment bags have belt loops on the back to make them a waist pack


The Map Organizer … we do still use maps


The ID, WIPP, MO, Compartment bag …… You need these


Give us a call if you have questions 707 836 7659
Or email richard at “[email protected]
Hope to hear from you
Richard & Kathy
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