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Kathy and I commute 23 miles one way every day.
Sometimes Kathy rides with me sometimes we have to take the "cage"

So to start out I have a set of Clearwater lights the Erica and the Darlas
AND the BRIGHT tail light you see. The owner of Clear water has been a long time friend, but RKA does not offer Clearwater
Visit them on the web or give Glen and his crew a call 916-852-7029


We do not offer Aerostich or my Corbin seat, or the BMW gear we wear
Everything else in this commute report RKA can get you.

SENA ... I use the Momentum INC PRO with the camera, The SENA RC4 remote control, SENA SR10 for my CB radio when on the Interstate
A little to much imformation here so more on the SENA in another post (Richard is THE support person for SENA so purchase from us!)

LUGGAGE ... ALL premium Colors, I run our RKA liners one is actually my travel office, I use our RKA FLAGSHIP 49ner rackbag, and the RKA 10 liter MiniSuperSport for the commute
Attached to it is our RKA Dashboard with a "Perfcet Squeeze" to hold my iPhone X which is using the app "Waze" and "MyRadar"
Inside the closed top portion I have my fuel chart and note pad, and business cards etc. In the main compartment I have a RKA "WRAP" that holds all my electrics and cables.
There is even a USB powered "Light" inside! Not used for the commute we offer Adaptiv Radar detectors, and I use a CB radio with the SENA SR10.



Gear: I wear a Aerostich or as in these images my BMW gear which saved me in 2011 when I had a to close of an encounter with a 8 point buck ...

Gear .... we offer "Warm N Safe" and we are users


Let Richard and Kathy know what you think and what you commute with.
OR maybe we can get something for you

707 836 7659

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I took the images and put them in a short video ....... Enjoy
(Yes .... They are our kitties) ??

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