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Ron, assuming that you don’t have any fault codes and your bike isn’t in need of an air filter, spark plugs or any other normal servicing, I would do the following:

As mentioned by others, inspect the battery terminals for good contact. If you do see crud build up on them, clean them up with baking soda, let it dry and assemble the terminals with dielectric grease.

Check the battery’s health, even new batteries can go bad.

Again, as mentioned by others, reset the throttle.

I periodically use a gas treatment. Everyone has a favorite. Personally I use Sea Foam. If you have a slightly dirty injector, it might solve your problem. I doubt you have a faulty injector because your engine wouldn’t run so smoothly not to mention setting off fault codes.

If you still have difficulty with starting the bike, you have to go into more difficult diagnostics which would include but not limited to fuel pressure readings, testing the resistance of each coil.

Now I’m new to BMW so this is where I go into general procedures. If our bikes are equipped with a mass air flow sensor, it may be dirty or on its way out. Then again some FI engines use MAP sensors. I honestly don’t know if our bikes use either or both, which is rare. I’ve seen bad MAF sensors that have not triggered a fault code. One time I was working on a Volvo and it gave me every indication of a bad MAF sensor. A fellow technician recommended unplugging the MAF sensor and the cars battery for like an hour. I did what he recommended and put everything back together and the engine ran perfectly. It saved the owner of the car something in the neighborhood of $600 for the replacement part. I wish I had that kind of insight to the K1600 motor because that’s what it might take to solve your problem in the worse case scenario.

I know that some engines get a little weird when the throttle position sensor starts to go south on you. However, you seem to describe the problem as only a cold start issue so I would think that’s not the case with you.

Last thing on my mind would be the gas itself. In some areas, gasoline formulas change with the season. Maybe you’re caught somewhere between the seasonal change which would be great since all you would have to do is ride your bike until it needed a fill up. That would also rule out getting a bad tank of gas if your bike persists with the hard starting.

I’m sort of out of ideas but I think your problem will be an easy fix. Good luck and keep us posted to what you find.
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