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Fourth Thread …. Saddlebags and Hardcase liners
In this fourth thread we will introduce our Saddlebags and hardcase liners
From our 33 liter saddlebags to our flagship “PLUSH” K1600GTL / R1200RT liners


Here is a link to our Saddlebags page and our Liner page to show you the variety of models we have.
We also would like to explain the many features they have and how they are manufactured


Did you know?
ALL RKA products are designed, manufactured, and distributed by RKA in Windsor California, Sonoma County USA. “MADE IN THE USA”


In the photo above at the lower right are 50 liter saddlebags completed and ready to box and ship.

A little history of RKA Saddlebags “The Most Beautiful Motorcycle Luggage in the World”.
We started in 1985 with the Mirage seatbag and then added the saddlebags a few years later.

30 years ago we did this ….. Richard's 1993 Ducati 900SS & Kathy’s 1990 Ducati 906 PASO


We no longer manufacture any of these items like they look here. Our 47 liter saddlebags with custom striping and color, our Mirage II premium color and design seatbag and one of the first tankbags we made. All gone to new designs.
This is an OLD business card and a “post card collage” we sent to customers with a stamp and envelope ;)


As the motorcycles changed and the seats got smaller and smaller our saddlebags and seatbags had to be re thought out as to how they attach.
Our current saddlebags use a PAD (same one we use for the seatbag) and hook & Loop (velrco) and cam buckles and webbing here is a video on how they attah.
Saddlebags Installation Video

To expand or not to expand? With our current lineup, both the 33 liter and 50 liter saddlebags expand. The 50-liter saddlebags have a runner in the expansion and there is an insert that goes in it and makes the saddlebags almost like hard cases.


ALL RKA Saddlebags main compartments are finished and lined inside


RKA saddlebags fit most street bikes fine, no standoffs or brackets required but if you have a dual sport or off road motorcycle you will need stand offs to keep the bags level and off the pipes


What are we looking at here? 1993 Ducati, BMW F800GT with NO supports (Watch installation video) .... DRZ400 and BMW F650GS WITH saddlebag supports. The Ducati and DRZ are showing saddlebags we no longer manufacture.
Bottom line here is 99% of the time if you want saddlebags you can make them work .... Case in point DRZ this was mine and I HAD to have saddlebags right? :LOL:
Of course any questions pop an email or call us 707 836 7659 [email protected]


From the 1985 K75 to the K1600B and more, the RKA liners are manufactured to fit as perfectly as possible. We do not make DUFFLE BAGS.


So anything you can get in your hardcases without RKA liners you can also load into RKA liners, and will fit into the hardcases.

When RKA designs a new liner we have to have the hardcases on the design table in our shop so Kathy can design the perfect pattern for the perfect fit. One current design was an exception, for the K1600 Bagger as those bags do not come off. So we got the motorcycle and it lived in our shop for a week while Kathy did the design work.


Liners have not used our 3/8 foam as per customers request over the years, “That foam just wastes space” they said.

But I did not think it did and when I got my 2014 RT Kathy made a set of “PLUSH” liners for me and we then offered them has an option for the K1600GTL / GT and 2014 and up R1200RT liners. Much more work and much more expensive but worth it if you want that “look”. We may add different models if we get enough request from people that are willing to upgrade to the plush quality of these liners.


In case you are unaware the 2014 and up R1200RT uses the 2011 and up K1600GTL saddlebags.
Kathy and I hope this thread and the other sticky threads will help you understand how RKA luggage works, and the quality and features they have.
Hope to hear from you.

Questions? Send Richard or Kathy an email
[email protected]
[email protected]
Or give us a call at 707 836 7659.
Let us know if this article is helpful.

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