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Fifth Thread …. SENA and more

RKA is a pretty diverse company and in this fifth thread we will show you a few other products we offer besides luggage that you may not know about.

RKA is not a big accessories store. We actually only offer products that Kathy and I have used or do use, and that are related in the way we think you would enjoy them.

Here is a link to our Products page to show you the variety of OTHER products we USE and sell.

We have other products like
Adaptiv radar, SPlug earbuds, Perfect Squeeze
BUFF, Farkle fingers, Motorcycle mounted security and just for fun Video Cameras,
Here is a short demo video using the software that pulls the telemetry up Dashviewer


RKA even has a few of the basic electrical products from RKA “Electrical”.
Power to SAE, SAE to SAE, DUAL USB port to SAE


RKA offers a complete line of SENA communications,



Commuications history

35 years ago RKA was born, Shortly into our start 33 years ago in 1987 we did this ….. This is an image of me on my 1983 Katana 750. The tankbag was one of the first protypes we put together notice the “Box” on top of the tankbag. That is the top of a Sanyo, (can you say cassette deck?) AM/FM car radio that is stuffed inside the tankbag.


Then we got fancy and put them together like the first two below, using a CB radio that had an intercom build in, connected to the Sanyo. Driver passenger intercom, CB two way communications, and AM/FM/Cassette deck ALL inside a tankbag! This was the 90’s folks!
The rest of the images show what we can do now.
You can have us build this with the components you want, or you can build it yourself


Start simple and add power to your tankbag so you can charge your phone on the fly, by just using a power lead and a USB port.

Or design a full blown “IN-Charge Tankbag” to accommodate almost every device you have, Phone, Radar, CB/FRS radio, Electric liners.
Think about it….. When you stop for that cup of coffee or room for the night, rain or shine, questionable area whatever ….. “CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, UNPLUG” and ALL or almost all the bag with ALL your devices goes with you!

Here is a short video of my Wisconsion trip in 2018

This year we will ship product to a couple of the rallies and I will ride to John Day Oregon and onto the BMW National In Great Falls
I am sure you know Kathy rides her own moto, a hooligan of a machine, a BMW F800R but In June Kathy will fly into Great Falls and then ride back from the BMW National with me, two up on the RT.

We are now riding two up regularly to test EVERYTHING from packing to cameras, to communications so stay tuned for a two up / packing / what to pack video on our RKA YouTube Page, so put “RKA” in your “Follow” box with email notifications.

There just may be something RKA has that you have to have ?

Kathy and I hope this thread and the other threads will help you understand how RKA luggage works, and the quality and features they have, and the other things we can help you with.

Hope to hear from you.
Questions? Send Richard or Kathy an email
[email protected]
[email protected]
Or give us a call at 707 836 7659.
Let us know if this article is helpful.
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