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DIY K1600b 2022 6.5 inch speaker and amp upgrade in the UK

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Taken delivery recently of a 9 month old K1600b (TFT). Like most riders, I have found the audio through the built-in speakers poor to say the least, so I have gone down the route of upgrading. Did a lot of research here on this forum and was very interested in the system by Motorrad Audio. However, the cost to us Brits with the poor exchange rate, VAT (Tax), and import duties makes this a very expensive upgrade. So I decided to go down the DIY route.
Appreciate any comments on the work so far.

Im going to use Hertz SX 165 Neo and a Soundstream ST2.1000D amp (I will mount the amp under the seat - the Soundstream looks like it will just fit)
I have started work on the right side, removing all the panels and the old speaker, and started to fabricate a mold for a "pod" to house the 6.5 inch speaker.
The pod will be made of fiberglass.

I have removed the tab that holds a connector in place - this gives me space to get the speaker under the bracket.

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I cut out a disk from 6mm ply just over 6.5 inch in diameter and set the position in the fairing (I used a screw to hold the disk in place using the slot left after removing the tab)

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Started to add EVA foam to get the shape - lots of trail and error.

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When I got the rough shape I filled in the gaps with modelers foam clay. The two screws in the ply help me hold the mold while working on it, would have been better to drill two large finger holes)

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Here is the rough shape so far

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Because the pod will be a tight fit in the fairing I will rely on the fairing and the various tabs to hold the glass fiber pod in place. I will add thin pieces of foam on the outside of the pods where it would touch the fairing and frame to isolate and prevent any vibrations. The pods will be lined with acoustic-damping material.
Does anyone know the source of the speaker connectors?

Thanks for looking


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More progress on the Speakers - a single layer of glass fiber, then used a dremel to cut out of the mold.

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Added a wooden baffle made from 6mm mdf and added a couple more layers of glass fiber on the inside of the pod after hot gluing the parts together.
Terminal block on the outside and trial fit of the speaker. Was a tight fit and need a bit of fettling of the pod to fit.
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Trail fit of the pod in the rhs of my 2022 K1600b

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Modifications to the RHS of the speaker grill (added a couple of holes to let more sound out.

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Mounting brackets for Soundstream 1000w amp under rhs side cover.

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