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DMAC short throw shifter issue

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Installed the DMAC unit and have a problem. When shifting from 1st to 2nd. If I miss 2nd and end up in Neutral I cannot get the trans into 2nd at all. I have to down shift to 1st and retry. At first I thought it was just a learning curve. After a week, I still have the same issue. I have noticed that this occurs when shifting below 3000 rpm. When I run the engine to above 4000 rpm the shift works perfectly. This however makes for some interesting riding in city traffic.

Any ideas? H E L P !!!

I emailed DMAC over a week ago with no response yet.
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I finally figured out why my shifting from 1st to 2nd was so hard. The bolt to the knuckle joint was hitting the plastic cover on the engine. The one that has the "6" logo. I removed the cover and took the dremel to the back and side.
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