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DMAC short throw shifter issue

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Installed the DMAC unit and have a problem. When shifting from 1st to 2nd. If I miss 2nd and end up in Neutral I cannot get the trans into 2nd at all. I have to down shift to 1st and retry. At first I thought it was just a learning curve. After a week, I still have the same issue. I have noticed that this occurs when shifting below 3000 rpm. When I run the engine to above 4000 rpm the shift works perfectly. This however makes for some interesting riding in city traffic.

Any ideas? H E L P !!!

I emailed DMAC over a week ago with no response yet.
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I installed one on my 2016 GT and do not have that issue. Sounds like you are hitting a false neutral (falling between gears). I had a '77 Goldwing that would reliably do that if you did not make a very positive shift.
I did fine tune the shifter peg height a few tries to get it to my liking. My only issue with the short throw shifter is it's a bit problematic to find neutral while the bike is moving. Never had a false neutral issue.
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