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Hello kinder, Ich bin der Peter, und das hier, ist mein scheiß Rückscheinwerfer das lauft nicht mehr.
Ist komisch? aber so.

While traveling through heavy rain this week end through beautyful french mountains, my tail blinkers both failed
Being as smart as I look, ( thanks to this lovely forum ) I immediately suspected water intrusion in the light assembly,
And also from experience, since one of my fog lights had the same problem.
Yeah I'm a lucky guy, I know.

Problem was, unlike the fog light which was clearly wet inside, I saw nothing suspiscious through the glass.

I still tried something simple back home in the garage.

You know german engineers? Really smart guys. The tail light, like every light in your machine, has a small vent to prevent damage from atmospheric pression varaitions, and also try to let condensation out.
Where'd they put this vent holes you say?
Right where you think. In the lower part of the tail light.
This way water is fully welcome from rear wheel.... and cannot evaporate the way up ... like It should.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior Gas

Simple blow heater.
Level minimum ( 50°c to me, sounds like 120°F would be great in freedom land )
Be careful to not put it too high, It would permanently damage tail light circuits.
Leave it to minimum and have some patience.... it's not a fast job....

Quickly condensation left the circuits to stick in a visible area, through the plastic glass.

Hood Automotive lighting Trunk Automotive design Automotive tail & brake light

When you finally have no visible condensation up here, your tail light is safe and sound.
I can't promise you It's a miracle, but to this moment, it saved me around 400 bucks ( circa 400 cheese money for comparison )

Next time, I'll try open it, but to do this you need to heat the glue so hight you risk damaging clusters.... not a fan.

Until we meet again!
Hope this will helps someone anyhow

1 - 3 of 5 Posts