I have a set of Illum Works Passenger floorboards that I was told go to a 2017 GTL or Bagger Bike. But not positive. They came in a box with my new to me 2015 GT the seller said they go to the bike but they don’t I emailed Illum Works they are telling me they go to a 2017 or newer K bike. They are adjustable up and down I had to buy another pair for my 2015 from them and the foot area is the same on all of them it’s just the attachment piece from board to bike that’s different. So if anyone would like to purchase these give me a fair offer and I will check shipping for you. They are all boxed up with bubble wrap ready to go
See photos the box from Illum Works was what my new ones came in on the box it says GT or GTL that is for my 2015 they were 325.00 so 200 or there about is good shoot me an offer