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Hey Forum Members, my wife just picked up a Dalmation puppy from the breeder our daughter got her three-yr-old dog. We would like to take our dog on day and overnight/weekend trips so we are looking at options. The dog will be too big (~50 lbs) to take on the bike with the two of us so we are considering a trailer designed for pets (see example photo below). I would prefer a trailer designed for pets, but would consider doing the modifications to another trailer myself. I have many questions, so would like to here from the collective:

1. Overall experience pulling trailer?
2. Single wheel (my preference) vs. 'standard' two-wheel trailer?
3. Experience with pet specific trailers?
4. Good trailer companies / models to consider?
5. Hitch options and recommendations?
6. Finally ... does anyone have a trailer they are interested in selling?

Thank you team!

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