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I have been swapping the stock rider pegs out with multiple things. I tried Suburban's, Illium boards, then modified Illium boards so they did not lean forward so much. I then took the passenger boards you see on the bike now and put them as rider boards. My short shift linkage with an extra small lower rod provide the proper raise in height. I road with those for a while. The boards are just too wide.
Wunderlich came out with the EVO1 pegs that have a 360 rotation capability. They do not make them for the GTL. There must not be too much difference between the GT and the GTL rider connection. I purchased the pivot peg for the GT and things went together just fine. I then went ahead and ordered the 50mm adapters with pegs and rubber covers. I like them. These are bringing down the pegs about 1.5 inches and forward 1.5 inches.
I have also removed my lowers but I'm not sure how much that helps with shifter access other than I can make adjustments easy. I removed them so I could use the highway pegs without my legs running into them.
Wunderlich did assist me in conversation about trying these on the GTL. They reminded me that there is no guarantee. Similar to the Kuryakyn passenger boards. But with those it required some grinding and shims.
With the EVO1's everything went together fine. I show the passenger board down and folded up.


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