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K1600B Wobble

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I’ve been considering a used 2018 -19 Grand America. I’ve read on this site that the 1600B has a dangerous wobble at highway speeds especially when encountering cross winds and truck turbulence.
Has BMW resolved this issue?
Does the GTL also have aforementioned proble?
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My 2019B has the stated tendency to "hunt" at higher speeds on the freeway but feels rock solid less than 80mph. I did not notice this on my 2014GT, however and never on my R1250RS, so I guess the folks who have suspected an aerodynamic eccentricity are correct. If you want to ride a bike that feels very light up front at speed, I'll lend you my V4S for a few miles. That red head loves to dance and just thinking about letting her go will make you wet your Aerostitch where the zippers meet. Of course she hates the slower speeds so not a town bike. For just everyday riding to the cafe or the coast, the Bagger gets my vote despite the German Shorthair personality on highways and I wouldn't dream of changing the tires or suspension for a little wondering around in my lane, nor does the hunting movement impair my lane filtering which of course is always at slower speeds.
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