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K1600B Wobble

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I’ve been considering a used 2018 -19 Grand America. I’ve read on this site that the 1600B has a dangerous wobble at highway speeds especially when encountering cross winds and truck turbulence.
Has BMW resolved this issue?
Does the GTL also have aforementioned proble?
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It seems like it's a very hit or miss issue amoungst the K1600 B/GA. I have the issue. My buddy was following me the other day and mentioned it to me when we stopped. He noticed how much the bike moved around in even a slight crosswind. The bike moving under me never scared me but it is rather annoying knowing that with the speed limiter that BMW is very aware of the problem and has chosen not to address it. I have a Calsci windshield, Aerowings, and floorboards. I've had the Aerowings off since May and noticed no difference in the amount of wobble. For reference I'm 250lbs and I typically ride in rider plus luggage mode and occasionally in two up mode and notice very little difference. If I would have to take a stab at it I would say very limited aero testing or rushing the bike to market(profit over function) is the biggest culprit. It's a great bike as long as I keep it under 70mph which is pretty much never. I probably would have been better served on a 1600GT but love the looks of the B....
I think you pretty much nailed it. The B/GA is a form over function release to appeal to the HD (and like minded) set. They are good looking (I know, that's subjective) but few things come for free. The GT/GTL were probably put through the aero testing ringer for a long time before final production. Undoubtedly, function was the #1 goal.
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Had my B over a year and ride in Houston, TX. On the heaviest truck trafficed highway in the US. Moreover, Houston highway speeds are fast...I ride at 80mph and still get passed.

I have no wobble during that type of riding.

I have a slight pull to the left with hands off but who cares? Slightest touch on the bars and it's gone.

Also, I've had the bike to 122 by GPS many times with no issues.

And, yes, there are more GT GTL complaints of wobble in the NHTSA system than the B.

Good luck.
But not here in, which is 1000x more representative than whatever is reported in NHTSA. :rolleyes:

I just completed an IBA SS1000 ride on my GTL. At least 100 miles of that ride was plowing through a Santa Ana wind event that had several Big Rigs on the side of the road waiting it out. When things calmed down I cruised in the 90-100mph range in long stretches, sometimes having to navigate large numbers of the big trucks (and all their dirty air) while keeping the pace.

The GT/GTL were designed for this kind of riding. I don't understand why you make this deflection whenever a "B" wobble is brought up for discussion. Of course, what we experience personally trumps whatever other riders report. But the numbers reported on the forum says something might be going on with the "B". Some things are hard to ignore.
If you'd deal with what I'm presenting to you instead of exaggerating and playing the victim card, maybe we'd get somewhere.

I never said that since my bike doesn't wobble, no GT/GTLs wobble. Some probably do, real or imagined. The GT/GTL models clearly have warts. The left pull is real for many, and even verified in specific cases by BMW. I have the same experience as you when I take my hands off the bars, but for me it's a non-issue in real world riding.

And I would never tell you, @PLAGUE and other "B" owners who report no wobble problems that they're wrong. Your respective bikes are probably just fine. And many of the "B" owners here who report problems are maybe misinterpreting whatever "wobble" they think they're feeling. It could be inexperience, expecting Harley like cruising, or whatever.

In evaluating reported issues, you throw out the outliers and evaluate the hard numbers. The fact is, there are a lot of "B" owners here who report ride stability issues. Too many to blow off. Many, many more that GT/GTL owners. When you consider the GT/GTL has been in production far longer than the "B", and in much greater numbers, that adds to the significance when evaluating things. Trying to dismiss what's reported on the forum away as bias suggests you're looking for a reason to diminish what other people report. You have no way of quantifying how real that is. Again, there are too many posts here to attach too much significance to possible agendas. The bottom line is that the numbers are much more statistically relevant than whatever has been reported to the NTHSA.

I enjoy how you like bringing up that professional reviewer, who when you sift through the review, isn't really that professional at all. I find it suspect when a magazine reviewer makes a broad high level conclusion like "the BMW twitches and bobs in a straight line", yet provides no clarifying detail. Not even later in the comments section. Yet you'll take that input over dozens of GT/GTL owners here who have logged 75,000-100,000 miles (and more) in every possible riding condition that exists across North America. If you're going to talk about bias, maybe consider looking inward.
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I cite 3 sources you one. It's totally my issue.

As I have asked you before - when you suggested I was silly for using a GPS to "get home" - please stop commenting to me.
Please refenced the post where is said this. I don't remember, and want to read it in context.
No thanks @JohnS1955 . As I said when you told me I was wrong for saying my toes got hot - you just like to contradict me. Let's not hijack the OP's post to have a pissing contest.
I didn't think so on the GPS......

But I did find the "toes" reference. Again, you're completely misrepresenting our exchange. I'm not going to derail this thread pointing out the inconvenient details.

To the topic, I would just encourage anyone looking at the real or perceived wobble issue to look at the whole picture. That means what's reported in all places, and evaluating the sources and numbers accordingly. If you have a "B" and enjoy it, continue on.... The joy you're personally experiencing is all that matters
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hey @JohnS1955 , I have a proposal for you or any of you that I may at some point have the pleasure of riding with, I'd like to propose, or ask even, that we switch bikes for a bit so you can see what the "weave" feels like. I've been wanting to ride a GT/GTL just so feel what the differences are. ;)
Absolutely! You're welcome to ride my overly dirty GTL when we hopefully join for a ride next year. And I'd really enjoy riding a "B" in some real world conditions. You're on!

Be careful asking @Thomas to do a switch. You could eat off his GT, and he's very discriminating about who approaches his ride. ;)
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Got it! note to self, don't ask @Thomas to switch rides (y) .
@Thomas is a very cool guy. Who knows??
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I've also seen complaints from GTL guys too
I'd really like to see a credible one. :unsure:
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I also seen post from GTL riders about this also so its not just the B/GA
Repeating an untruth doesn't magically make it true. Post what you've "seen" for some discussion.

BTW, check this GA review out:

It's one of the more through and balanced I've seen.
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