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K1600B Wobble

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I’ve been considering a used 2018 -19 Grand America. I’ve read on this site that the 1600B has a dangerous wobble at highway speeds especially when encountering cross winds and truck turbulence.
Has BMW resolved this issue?
Does the GTL also have aforementioned proble?
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It seems like it's a very hit or miss issue amoungst the K1600 B/GA. I have the issue. My buddy was following me the other day and mentioned it to me when we stopped. He noticed how much the bike moved around in even a slight crosswind. The bike moving under me never scared me but it is rather annoying knowing that with the speed limiter that BMW is very aware of the problem and has chosen not to address it. I have a Calsci windshield, Aerowings, and floorboards. I've had the Aerowings off since May and noticed no difference in the amount of wobble. For reference I'm 250lbs and I typically ride in rider plus luggage mode and occasionally in two up mode and notice very little difference. If I would have to take a stab at it I would say very limited aero testing or rushing the bike to market(profit over function) is the biggest culprit. It's a great bike as long as I keep it under 70mph which is pretty much never. I probably would have been better served on a 1600GT but love the looks of the B....
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