I have finally gotten my RDL upgrade for my 2020 K1600B!

While I was waiting I picked up this stock GA seat from another member on the forum, so that I could still ride while I waited. The seat mounts right up to the K1600B, in case anyone is wondering; though it's important to note that the rearmost portion of the pan and seating surface are trimmed back a bit to allow for the rear seat/topcase clearance. So there's an unfinished look (read: gap) when it's mounted on the B. Looked a bit wonky on my bike but it served its purpose in the interim.

It's now for sale. Factory-installed heat works perfectly, no tears, no issues.
Local pick-up is easiest but I'll ship to you as long as you pay for the shipping.
*Note that these seats are huge so shipping tends to be rather expensive