Will consider trades for convertible....BMW, Mercedes or Miata

First, with 160HP this trike is fast. It is wider and more stable than most other trikes. Disk brakes all around with Abs and traction control.

Bike was bought new, Hannigan trike conversion was done and the owner past away. The bike sat in the garage and a dealership until 05/17/2021 when I purchased it with only 250 miles on it from Hopper Motorplex in McKinney Tx. It now has only 6500 miles put on since. I also acquired a 36 month full warranty that is still in effect. The warranty is only on the BMW portion of the trike, so the diff is not covered.

The Trike is like new, custom heated seats and grips, electric windshield, Nav VI GPS navigation, easy steer, reverse gear, Auxiliary fuel tank and extra brake lights, BMW Motorrad audio system. I had the BMW recall on the fuel pump performed. New Michelin tires were installed to replace the originals, and new wheels, since the tire dealer scratched up the originals. These are much easier to clean.

Hannigan Motorsports replaced spacers and adjusted the rear shocks, and serviced the rear differential.

To improve the riding and comfort, the saddle was rebuilt and recovered. I added a Illium Works heel / toe shifter and removed the driver pegs. With the Short throw shift kit DMAC Machining shifting is much smoother. I changed out the rear footpads for larger ones and replaced the 2012 rear grab bars with the wider ones that came on the later model k1600gtl. Added plexiglass top case rack. Added the RL Superplug to simplify oil changes. (AMSIOL synthetic).

The only issue you may notice is that the rear TPMS warning light is on. BMW's system only handled 2 wheels, so I have added an aftermarket TPMS that reports to your cell phone.