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Left case won't open?

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There is an old thread (2015) about this problem but it never gave a conclusion as to how it was resolved. Parts were ordered but then, no further details?

Surely there are others who have experienced this dilemma? Has anyone had/have this problem?

The black lever that pops open so you can continue to raise it to open the case only opens about 1/4". It won't go any further.

Tried every idea in the 2015 thread but nothing worked. Taking it to the dealer is an option but I'm sure it will be very expensive!!!!

Any new ideas/solutions?

Thanks, ............ Sam
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This might be a long shot, but, when it happened to me, this was the cause:

Remove the case entirely from the bike. Check to see if the pin that pops up through the circled area, in the picture below, is popped up or is popping up. That dowel that pops up will go into the locking mechanism on the side case. On my 2012 I had it in the shop and they lost that plate (#4 shown below) unknown by me. They replaced it with #5 which is the incorrect part for the bike with the electric locks. I could not get my case open after that. It took me a couple of days to realize that the plate was the cause and that they had installed the incorrect part, causing that issue.

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I double checked my bike just now. Under the attach point of the side bag, make sure the pin (for lack of a better description) is not stuck pushed in. If it is, the lock will not release and bag will not open.

That pin is under the forward mount of the side bag as shown here.

This video shows a full tear down of a side bag. His problem is a little different, but you can see the mechanism for the lock.

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