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Hi Gang,

Kathy and I are 70, & 73 respectively. So we are a tad nervous to say the least.

We are currently running the shop remotely from home phones are call forward to our cells, computers are connected remotely.
There is plenty of stock on hand. (So ORDER something :cool::love:)

Shipping and receiving is the only times we are going to the shop. And that function is still working. (Your orders may be delayed a day or two because of this)
I was asked by a customer from Australia about international shipping. We are still shipping and things are coming in so we have not had any issues so far.

NOW SMILE 😁😁Kathy and I want to share our NEW two wheel rides.

We now have SIX bicycles 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️, My original GAINT Igauna, GAINT TCR Carbon, Cannondale Quick, and a Cannondale T2 Tandem.

The two NEW rides are "Electric Assist", which means they do not go by themselves you have to peddle. You can ride it without the motor via the nine speed gear set. Or use one of the 1-5 power setting and also peddle.
We took them out yesterday for a little eight mile shake down. They are GREAT FUN. They say they will go 35 to 45 miles on a charge and assist up to 20 mph (I am looking into asking the assist to be higher like 30mph :eek: )
I have not weighed them yet but they say 33 pounds VERY LITE for an electrc bike, and I think that's close from picking them up.
Can you find the battery?

There are a few reasons we went with this brand "Story Bicycles".

We went from the south side to the north side of town via the main drag and then came back through the park.
WOW there where a LOT of walkers out there and every one was doing the six feet apart thing best they could

So here a few screen captures from our video.

I would think you all would have questions about these bicycles so reply at will

In the box


Getting the wrapping off was the hard part


DONE!!! That's my Kzillon dollar road bike holding the new one up.


This is the back of Kathy's rig showing the 350 watt motor and our SENA video camera setup


This is the handlebars showing the contro unit, my light, iPhone AND we got a BELL with it!


Kathy getting ready to peddle away


This is the north side of town. Turn left onto Hwy 128 and you are on your way to the coast,


Most northern side of town go on north to Eureka or head south to San Franciso


WHAT THE ...... We run into a couple of our best friends!!! Andy, Susan and wiley


You can see we are practicing the "Social Distancing" rule


Richard & Kathy
707 836 7659

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Finally got to get out and do a little distance and climbing on our new rides "The Story Book Bicycles". Here is a short video.
Left out a few things that I will get back to .... I went 16 miles up and over Dutcher Creek to the **** at Somona Lake. The power assist is stopping at 15.4 mph and manual says 20 mph so last night I went into "Advance settings" and was able to change that feature up wards, so we'll see if it is the rocket they say it is. IF SO it is totally going to commute to work 23 miles.

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