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My wife prefers the comfort of the Harley over the K1600. Less buffeting, more comfortable seat and bigger passenger pegs. The K1600GTL is definitely faster with better cornering. But that cornering comes at the cost of low speed stability and higher center of gravity. Not the mention it eats tires. The K1600GTL is the cooler bike to ride in the summer. I have never had any over heating issues mentioned in other posts. Even with cylinder deactivation and heat deflectors the Harley is still a HOT bike in the summer.

The bags are very different as well. The clam shell of GTL is nice on long trips if using BMW pannier bags. Easier to take in to hotel and reload bike. The top opening Harley bags are nicer for day riding and fishing things out without having to dismount bike.

Suspension wise the BMW has the advantage of being electronically adjustable. Two up with bags on interstate. No problem, ESA set to passenger and comfort setting. Then you arrive at location and want to do solo spirited riding. Switch to solo with sport and off you go. No removing bags to set preload.

Navigation wise both bikes can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Just use a good phone app. Navigation units on both bikes best for just showing next curves ahead. No experience with new BMW navigation system. Hope it is better. BMW nav 5 nearly got thrown off the side of several mountains due to frustration. Base camp and curvy road settings of unit can cause electronically aided unexpected detours.

As far as heating seats and grips go the Harley is far easier to turn on and off. Knobs and buttons just plain easier. The BMW has more adjustment range once you can find in menu. Be patient or you will pass what you wanted and have to cycle through menu again.

Shifting wise these two are daylight and dark different. The beamer loves to be ridden in anger. The Harley loves to ridden in a relaxed pace.

Overall my mood and location make a huge difference on my feelings about both machines. And can you really have too many bikes? Ideally own both and a sport bike and a dual sports and a dirt bike and a.........
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