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As one who just traded a 2019 Road Glide Ultra for the GTL, I'll agree they are completely different platforms.

For gobbling long stretches of straight road, the RGU likely has the edge in pure comfort. It may even have a slight edge in "infotainment" options such as its ability to link to Apple Car Play and its built-in GPS nav system. With upgrades such as Rockford Fosgate amps and speakers, the sound from the speaker is far superior (but I use the bluetooth headset and prefer that as my wife doesn't appreciate the metal which is my main playlist lol).

That said, after a week and 1200+ miles, with one 370+ mile day in the twisties of VA and West Virginia, I am incredibly happy with my decision. There is about 200 lbs difference between the platforms, but the handling and performance are incomparable. At @ 30 degrees lean on the RGU, you start dragging hard parts/floorboards in the corners. The onboard Connected app showed me 45 degree lean angles, and far greater acceleration, even though my RGU had a cam upgrade, all the Stage II stuff, and dyno tune (there are still @ 40 more HP to the wheel on the K1600).

The stock seat (all stock seats I've ever ridden) leaves much to be desired on the GTL, but so did the RGU seat. On the RGU we had a Mustang wide touring seat which was fine for two trips to California and a trip to Maine. I'll look to see what is best for me on the TL as well.

I still have two Harleys, so haven't exited the "culture" per se, but that crowd and the shenanigans were for a younger me.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in. None can know what you love about either bike, but this is my story. Best of luck in your choice.
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