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One of the great things about where I’m lucky enough to live is the variety of roads to ride. High mountain passes, bucolic farms and ranch lands, high deserts are all within an hour of where I’m at depending on what compass heading I choose.

Some of the passes will remain closed until late May. One of the bad things is one usually doesn’t know the condition of any of the open roads until you get there. The Department of Transportation doesn’t note the condition of the roads; only if they're open or closed.

So off for a lunch time ride with my brother yesterday to Bridgeport. It was 55 or so degrees at 1000 when we left along US 395 South. Lots of kind motorists warning us via headlights of the upcoming constabulary running Lidar.

395 is in pretty good shape. There is still a little bit of sand towards the center line so riders should consider that as they’re apexing the curves. On arrival in Bridgeport, we were surprised to find none of the main restaurants open. So we continue on to Lee Vining.

The new road surface south of Bridgeport is still great; the winter didn’t ravage it as badly as it could have. On top of 8800 ft Conway Summit it was a balmy 41 degrees. The coffee at Nicely’s Restaurant was a welcome addition to a beautiful day of riding.

Most of Bridgeport Reservoir is still frozen
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