Simply the best riding gear I have ever owned, period. Comfortable, cool to wear even in hot weather, warm enough for three season wear. For those not familiar with motoport, they are in my opinion, better than leathers as they are more comfortable and more breathable. They are custom ordered and I am including the sizing below AS it instructs on the motoport site. As an example, my real waist is a 36-38" , and my butt isn't THAT big.. they provide very specific instructions as to how to measure for a great fit. They can also modify existing pants although I have never used that service. These pants were ordered a couple of years ago but only used a few times for long trips. No tears, stains or smells. o_O

Note! I spoke extensively to Motoport and after consulting with them the below choices were made based on their recommendations including removing the cargo pockets which I would never use.

Ultra II Air Mesh Pant
  • Pant Options:
Hip Pads, Sacrum Quad Armor, Quad Armor Pant Set, Velcro Suspenders, Mesh Front Stretch Back (Price increase only applies to mesh pant), 1.5" Black Reflective on Calf
  • Sizing:
Height 5'9\"
Weight 214
Inseam 31\"
Waist 40.5\"
Butt 44.25\"
Thigh 24.75\"
Crotch to Armor 11.5\"
Please delete Cargo Pockets
  • Color: Please specify what you would like as the main and trim colors.:

Payment method:Credit Card

Price is $600.00 PP only, you pay shipping. Selling because I can no longer ride.