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If anyone else is interested, I've booked the Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin, it has off street parking and is on the same side of Berlin as the festival which is at the Messe Berlin Summer Garden.

We did the parade & partying in 2019, click link to see 360 video of the parade that we took.

I'm not convinced the ride outs will be as good as Garmische so I'm going the long way around to get there - e.g. hotel in Black Forest that I've also already booked, maybe going via Spain, Sardinia, Italy, it depends on if France is open that day. Of course my arrival at any destination will be dependent on the reliability of the BMW Nav System, so I may not get anywhere but lost or frustrated.

Anyone else going? If you are you might also want to book the BMW Factory Visit, we've already ticked that box off our bucket list so don't plan to go again.
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