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Hi Gang,

Music sharing .... Something I do not do.

Kathy rides her own moto and listens to her own music
She likes Yo-Yo Ma and I like ZZ Top so music sharing would not work if she was a passenger unless we were listening to a audio book.

Here is a video I just did to try and clarify whos on first.
RKA Music Sharing 2021

There is really only ONE issue that is bugging "some" riders ... Easy to explain not so easy to accept for some.

1: On intro the 10 series had music AND music sharing and intercom BUT when listing to music and tapping in a rider our passenger, the music or any audio went away until you tapped out. It was either or, not simultaneously.

2: On intro the 20 series introduced "Audiomutitasking" Now you had Music, Music sharing AND intercom simultaneously!!!

3: On intro the 30K series introduced "MESH" with the "Audiomutitasking" feature in MESH .... a WHOLE new world and way to communicate!!
SENA decided to HELP the old Bluetooth users and the new 30K owners that are waiting for the others to join MESH and gave them, "free for nothing" SENA 10 system underneath the MESH.

Remember CB radios, and FRS Radios (Family Radio Services)??? A CB could not talk to a FRS, a FRS could not Talk to a CB. Then Bluetooth came out and nobody could talk to anyone with a different system ...... NO BODY complained. They just went with the new systems without much fanfare.

BUT NOW SENA allowed riders without the MESH to connect to them via Bluetooth using the 10 Bluetooth system .... YAAAAAA!


Everyone complained that the Bluetooth side did not have "Audiomutitasking" ..... DUHHHHHH Guys get the new 30K and advance into the future.(now a 50)


Rumble, Rumble, Rumble .... So SENA came through and on 10-8-18 comes firmware update 2.0 for the 30K giving the system a form of "Audiomutitasking" on the Bluetooth side and everything except "Music Sharing" and intercom Simultaneously when in music sharing mode.

Rumble Rumble Rumble from the FEW riders that used Music sharing and wanted intercom at the same time .... DUHHHHHH Guys get a new 30K and advance into the future. (now a 50)

Now if you are paying attention this 2.0 firmware update slide into the WHOLE 10 series which made the 10's ALMOST 20's.

Do not quote me but we are thinking of selling ONLY the 30K and 50 series, the new world is MESH and the price differences are just not justified for purchasing anything less than a 50.

Hope this little story finds you all well and safe. Kathy and I had our second shots last Saturday and feel very good about the future

Richard & Kathy

PS we do have some 10's and 20's that we will let go at a very nice price .... CALL 707 836 7659
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