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Colleagues K1600 drivers,

Since I have been a user of TomTom navigation in the car and on the motorcycle since the beginning, I had a hard time getting used to the BMW Navigator 6 that I had bought for my K1600GTL. The device works quite well, of course, although I must say that the operation via the magic wheel is very disappointing. That's why I decided that I had to use my TomTom Rider 550 on my GTL. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no conversion kit available for this, not even in China. Below an instruction and a few photos of my own conversion operation.

1 [1280x768].jpg

To get straight to the point, you will have to saw and cut to achieve this. That's why I started buying a 2nd tray that I could convert without having to damage my original tray. That way I can always go back. Fortunately, the TomTom is about the same size as the BMW Navigator, so I only had to figure out how to attach the TomTom holder to the tray and how to make the electrical connection.

-Remove the "roof" from the new tray by pulling out the little axle.
-You can use the original TomTom holder, disassemble small screws so that you can remove the unnecessary things for this application.
Unfortunately, this holder is not "thin" enough to simply screw onto the tray. So now we have to saw.
Firstly, a large piece has to be cut from the original tray and the TomTom holder will also have to be trimmed.
Ultimately, the round TomTom holder fits into the hole in the tray. Then I secured it with 4 short self-taps.

18 [1280x768].jpg

This is how the dismantled TomTom holder looks like.

19 [1280x768].jpg

This shows how much has to be sawed of of the TomTom holder.

21 [1280x768].jpg

Notice that I also adapted the release lever a bit. Otherwise the TomTom device doesn't fit in.

15 [1280x768].jpg

The electrical connection:

At this point I have removed the original tray from the motorcycle. This is in principle fixed with 4 screws, but of course there is still the BMW Navigator holder attached with 2 cables and at the bottom of the tray is a connector for the switch that makes the window rise when the release button is pressed.
This last one can simply be removed. The two other cables unfortunately run deep into the motorcycle. The connectors are on the right-hand side between the fuel tank and the frame and they can only be detached if you remove most of the tüpperware on that side. And even then it is still difficult!
A better idea is actually to just carefully cut the two cables, one wire at a time and each time at a different length. That way, they can't make accidental contact with each other! And if you want to go back to the original in the future, you can solder neatly at different positions so that the connection can remain narrow. Moreover, you cannot accidentally solder the wrong ends together.
You need two of those wires for the power supply of the TomTom. These you can find with a multimeter.
You can find the - by setting the multimeter to 'beep' and holding one of its measuring wires to the - pole of the battery and touching the stripped ends one by one with the other measuring wire. You will hear a beep at one of the cables. This is one of the two cables you want!
You can find the + by switching on the motor, setting the multimeter to DC voltage "V", holding one of its measuring wires to the newly found - cable and touching the 4 remaining cable ends one by one with the other measuring cable. You will measure about 12Volt on one them. If you switch off the ignition during this measurement, the voltage will drop after about two minutes.
This is the switched + wire you must have!
Solder the red wire of the TomTom connection cable to the found + and the black wire to the found -. Insulate the soldering carefully and cut the stripped part from the remaining cable ends. Insulate all ends and wrap the whole thing with electrical tape. Now you can mount the adjusted tray back into the motor, reconnect the window connector and connect the TomTom holder to the new power plug.

Now you have to adjust the "roof" so that it closes properly again!

The problem is that the "roof" should be able to be removed when the TomTom would have to go out, despite the WiFi and Bluetooth update and maintenance options.
After unlocking, the TomTom has to go up a little before it can go forward. The BMW navigator can be removed directly to the front after unlocking…. For this I came up with a solution with a piece of 2.5mm2 wire. This replaces the original axle. The end must be bent down to lock the assembly. Disassembly afterwards is of course done in reverse order.
10 [1280x768].jpg

When all work has been done and everything is refitted in place it should look like this:

2 [1280x768].jpg
14 [1280x768].jpg

Hopefully you guy's can use this information!
Work at your own risk!....

Greetings out of Maastricht (the Netherlands).

Guy Mans.

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Nice job and adaptation!

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Well done!

How is the TomTom in bright sun?
The TomTom doesn’t perform any less than the BMW navigator! I’ve had both of them on this bike. The only thing I did is sticking an anti reflection/scratch foil on the screen.
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