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Hi Guys and Gals,

Been awhile since I have posted. There has been a LOT going on,
The April Newsletter has been posted here: “RKA April Newsletter

Lets start with the little stuff

We had a local customer upgrade his headset and I now have a perfectly good SENA 20S (with antenna) That’s exactly two years old. First $125.00 gets it.

NOW SENA NEW NEW NEW Bluetooth stuff!!
Momentum Lite $399.00 (10S Technology),

Momentum Standard $449.00 (20S Technology), are here!! In STOCK.

My review AND opinion are on this Video on our YouTube page: Momentum Standard Bluetooth helmet

For demo/testing we purchased a gloss white and matte black Momentum Standard, both in Large, for Kathy and I thinking the “Intelligent Noise Canceling helmet” was still way out.
The deal is this new Momentum “Intelligent Noise canceling” helmet $549.00 (20S Technology), is still a little ways out, BUT we should have them in the house by mid-May.

BUT RKA got one!! …. It’s mine …. nobody can purchase it, at any price, I LOVE THIS HELMET! My SCHUBERTH will be retired to special assignments only like video and moto marshaling duty
My review AND opinion are on this Video on our YouTube page. The Momentum Intelligent Noise Canceling Helmet

RKA will carry the Momentum INC. and keep both colors and all sizes in stock best we can.
We are taking per-orders now. CALL the office 707 836 7659 to per-order
Remember, when you purchase from RKA you get that GREAT life time warranty ... ME. :nerd:
So back to those two Momentum Standard demo/personal helmets we have, They are both now for sale at a great price!
The Glossy White is in the box and brand new only tried on a few times.
MSRP $449.00 RKA demo price is $375.00.

The matte black has about 100 miles on it and is like new. It has a SENA TUBE Camera and mic mounted on it
MSRP $449.00 RKA demo price is $400.00 with the TUBE camera, $350.00 without it.

Watch the videos and that will answer most of your questions.Also feel free to email me or call me

707836 7659
[email protected]
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