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While changing air filter on 2013 gtl Exc,I experienced the problem with the two front bolts on tank panel.
After looking up the forum I realised I was not the only one.
So using the Doc’s suggestion,(which by the way was a major breakthrough).
I succeeded in removing the two bolts.

However,After studying the issue I discovered what the problem is,The metal insert that passes through the rubber grommet, when you tighten the bolt, the metal insert butts hard up against the threaded insert in the tank…thus becoming one.
The solution is simple,A cupped washer/ spacer,see photo,that sits over the threaded insert in the tank,preventing the metal insert in the grommets from coming in contact with the insert in the tank.
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You can make the spacer yourself very easily,I made two in two minutes,all you need is a 1 inch washer,using a centre punch, placing it over a suitable socket or similar,a few taps of a lump hammer,Job done.
I tried and tested it,You can tighten it up as normal and no further issues.
Now you can change your air filter without any fear 😰. Blue Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Rim


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