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I am coming from 18 yrs of riding a Kawasaki KZ1300 I told my self while owning it I would either ride another 6 or a 1300. Over the years of riding it I had punched it to 1500cc with a 50lb shot and consequently I ended up riding Hayabusa's for another 20 years which I had turbo'd a Gen1 that put out 420 horses. In 2008 they came out with a Gen2 that was orange I bought it and the only mods were a pair of CF slip on's. In 2012 I met up with an old friend who sold me the Kawasaki and he was riding a 2011GT. Oh Man another 6. I immediately wanted it and he was willing to let it go. I almost bought it. Since then he has had a bagger and he just bought a 2022 GT. In 2014 the Orange one appeared and in 2015 I bought one. Was I ever surprised coming from speed and handling to a K1600GT. I bought it without riding it as I was totally convinced being an Old Guy I was getting into an Old Guy bike. This bike is everything but an Old Guy bike. I am fortunate to live at the bottom of So Cal 's best mountain road HWY 33 and I immediately discovered the handling and torque this bike has. I broke it in on this road. Being an early 2015 she still has the clunk, but I manage to stay out of 1st and 2nd gear as much as possible.
I have been off the bike the past two years, and I soon discovered do not let this bike sit as the fuel pump clogged. After repairing it I have put about 300 miles on it. I forgot this bike eats tires and the front promptly got the sides eaten up. I had been running Angel GTs on it. The last set I bought was a GTII on the rear which is wearing great and an Angel GT I on the front. If I recall the Angel GTII for the front wasn't available at the time. I have gone through 4 rear and 6 on the front It now has 12,000 miles. I will either put a II on it or I will go with something else. I got to research the forum and decide.
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